Staffordshire University

Foundation Programmes Fees

APIIT Sri Lanka Registration Fee (non-refundable one-time payment) : Rs 40,000.00

Library Fee (non-refundable one-time payment) : Rs 25,000

Course Fees

Course Fees include tuition fee, cost of course materials, and assessment and examination fees, but exclude fees payable for any re-sit examinations and repeat modules. Course Fees for the degree programme may be paid upfront or in instalments. Students may choose one of the following three payment options.

Option 1
Full Payment Upfront (Rs)
Payment : LKR 315,000.00
Option 2
Semester Payments
Payment : LKR 163,500.00 X 2
Option 3
Monthly Payments
Payment : LKR 42,000.00 X 8

Assessment Re-Sit Fee : Rs 7,500 (per 15 credit module)

Repeat Module Fee : Rs 32,500 (per 15 credit module)



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