Fees Postgraduate Programme

APIIT Sri Lanka is a reputable higher education institution established in partnership with Staffordshire University in the UK and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia.We have flexible payment options to suit your finances.You can choose to make the full payment upfront, semester payments in two to three instalments or the monthly instalments.

APIIT Sri Lanka Registration Fee (non-refundable one-time payment): LKR 40,000/-

Library Fee (non-refundable one-time payment): LKR 25,000/-

Transnational Education Fee (non-refundable annual payment): LKR 40,000/-

Course fees

Course fees for MBA Programme may be paid up front or in instalments. The course fee includes tuition fee, cost of course materials and assessment and examination fees, but excludes fees payable for any re-sit, external or additional examinations. Students may choose one of the following two payment modes.

Option 1
Full Payment Up-Front
Rs 600,000/‐
Option 2
Semester Payment
Rs 139,000/‐ x 5

Examination Re-sit Fee - LKR 10,000.00 - per module

In‐course Re-sit Fee - LKR 10,000.00 - per module

Repeat Module Fee - LKR 65,000.00 - per module



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