Pearson BTEC HND Programme Fees

APIIT Sri Lanka Registration Fee (one-time payment)      LKR 20,000.00  (one-time payment)

Pearson Fee (one-time payment)         LKR 50,000.00

Course fees (choose one of the following payment schemes):

Option 1
Upfront Payment (UP)
LKR 220,000.00
Number of Instalments : 1
Total Payment : LKR 220,000.00
Option 2
Semester Payment (SP)
LKR 57,500.00
Number of Instalments : 4
Total Payment : LKR 230,000.00
Option 3
Monthly Payment (MP)
LKR 15,000.00
Number of Instalments : 16
Total Payment : LKR 240,000.00

Repeat Module Fee (where applicable)      LKR 14,000.00(one-time payment)

Assessment Re-sit Fee (where applicable)         LKR 3000.00

A late fee of LKR 100 per day is payable for delayed payments.



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