What Our Graduates Say

"I completed my high school in Republic of Seychelles and was seeking universities to pursue law. Joining APIIT happened so quick and if you ask me if I re-think my decision? Not even a bit. During my study, we had the best panel of lecturers who were much more than facilitating education. They were our mentors and unlike any other place we could walk-in anytime to their cabin with a book full of doubts and they would take time to ensure that we are clear.

If you ask me the question how I fitted in as a foreign student? the truth is I didn't have to fit in, at all. Though I completed my 13 years of education in Maldives and in Seychelles. After joining APIIT I always felt like I am at home, from accommodation to career guidance in every step of my university journey. For all the new International students on campus, one advice would be to get involved on campus and go out of your comfort zone. I had the opportunity to build my network and explore.

APIIT encourages students to do more than just study. During my second year I was a member of the organizing committee of Tantalize 2018 as the secretary and in my final year I was elected as the Community Service Vice president of the Student Activity Club at APIIT. That was one of the turning points in my life. Through community service, we organized ten projects during the term and the student population actively participated in these.

I believe in Sri Lanka the only private university to have a real moot court experience within college is APIIT. In addition to classroom lectures, we were also taken for court visits it was a learning experience outside the 4 walls and that’s what made the study experience unique. APIIT is just not a university for me but my second home."

"Walking into APIIT full of enthusiasm early morning and leaving late evening with the same feeling, APIIT was the home away from home for me. I believe becoming an APIIT Honour Roll Student was in recognition of my hard work. It was a habit of kick starting my assignments early and I am grateful for the guidance and support I received from all the lecturers who taught me. In addition to my academic success, I seized opportunities by getting involved in student activities and voluntary events such as Tantalize, Colours Night and Connecting Hearts that balanced my student life. While awaiting for my final year results, I am currently employed as a Relationship Associate attached to the Custody & Trustee Services unit of Hatton National Bank PLC. The all-round experience I gained from APIIT gave me an early start in commencing my career & now I practice what I learnt during my journey. APIIT gave me the ideal experience as an undergraduate."

"I can say with confidence that APIIT has been the right place for my higher education. At APIIT, I have had the privilege of being taught by some of leading academics in the field of computing who are friendly, dedicated and helpful to students. In addition to my studies, APIIT has given me the chance to engage in extracurricular activities by being a part of the Student Activity Club and being involved in several sports teams representing APIIT. The friendships that were built, the knowledge that I have acquired and most importantly the experience that I have gained from APIIT, I can safely say will stay with me for life"

"Joining APIIT right after A/L’s is one milestone in my life I will never regret. APIIT has assisted me and facilitated the journey towards achieving my goal of being academically qualified, with an enriching learning experience guided by an inspiring panel of lecturers and the excellent university atmosphere. Also APIIT has provided me with many opportunities to develop leadership, team work and interpersonal skills that are essential to succeed in today’s professional world. Being a part of organising many student activities through the Student Activity Club 2012/2013, has been instrumental in acquiring many skills and qualities to be better prepared for the future"

"My first impression of APIIT Law School was that, it was calm, peaceful and provided a perfect environment to study. The best aspect about studying law at APIIT was being taught by a highly qualified panel of lecturers. They are inspirational and always approachable. The support and rapport I received from them was very encouraging. Their feedback is always honest, concise and really prepares you for life in a real court room. The facilities were fabulous and second-to-none. There is a superb library with a great collection of latest editions. Overall, APIIT helped me to be more confident and positive, while providing the perfect opportunity to lay the foundation for my career. The three years I spent at APIIT Law School were some of the best years of my life and something I’ll always cherish"

"I knew I made the right choice when I stepped into APIIT as an undergraduate. I am honoured to have been taught by academics who are inspirational, approachable and dedicated. Whilst making me feel at home with the vibrant and friendly atmosphere, it has pushed me to achieve my full potential academically as well as in extracurricular activities. APIIT Law School offers the best mooting infrastructure and opportunities which led me to win the Best Researcher at the Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court National Competition, Sri Lanka. APIIT has more than lived up to my expectations”

"The decision to study at APIIT was probably one of the best I’ve made. Being a student at APIIT is certainly much more than just great education. It is also about learning in a practical environment, learning from your peers and experimentation with skills required to face the world with a sense of the challenges real life offers. It was this atmosphere, which led me to contest for the Student Activity Club, and it was this supportive framework, which boosted my confidence to take up the challenging task of being the Chairman of the Tantalize Committee for 2013. I believe that APIIT explores the individual passions of each and every student and provides a platform to bring the best out of each individual”



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